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No More Wizard of Oz: Better leadership qualities for the workplace

Long gone is the concept of ideal leader as autocratic, unapproachable One. While wisdom, grit and a willingness to take action still matter, they’ve been surpassed by less individualized traits (and what are often called “soft skills”): participative management, relationship building, change management.

Written by Diane J. McDougall on January 6, 2015

Behind The Scenes: Animating the 2014 Journey Group Christmas Video

Last week, we launched our company Christmas video about the adventures of a glow-in-the-dark star named Sylvia. Two members of our creative team explain how the project came together: Melanie Kitchens, interaction designer; and Chris Tyree, multimedia producer.

Written by Sam Voelkel on December 19, 2014

APIs and Digital Publishing

Opaque acronyms pepper the digital space. Whether you wear your membership in the exclusive jargon club as a badge or drown in the endless stream of capitalized letters, you ought to know API because APIs are currently driving the Web (and our lives) to new levels of interconnectedness.

Written by Josh Bryant on December 2, 2014

An Introvert’s Tips for Interviews

I’m an introvert’s introvert. My ideal night involves a few friends and a bowl of ice cream; I retreat in silence after coming home from a busy workday; and I dread the thought of answering a phone call from an unknown number. But I absolutely love conducting interviews.

Written by Jodi Macfarlan on November 24, 2014

My Camera is Smaller Than Yours

Tools, technical constraints, and functional process are fundamental elements in the ‘how’ of creating anything, but in the world of visual communication, similar to all creative endeavors, creating a message that has impact and resonance goes well beyond how. 

Written by Phil De Jong, Jr. on November 18, 2014

Question-Asking: The Editor's Secret Tool

For years I’ve called myself an editor, not only by trade but also by personality. I like to edit things as well as words. You know, remove something that shouldn’t be there (dead leaves on my co-worker’s ficus tree) or comment on something that’s just slightly out of place (wrong emotion in an actor’s voice) — all in the name of making everything better.

Written by Diane J. McDougall on October 28, 2014

Marketing to Humans

Speaking to our audiences as people requires that we think about our voice—that way of writing that’s embedded within our organization’s history and people. It should represent the spirit of who we are. 

Written by Caroline Long on October 15, 2014

On Time, On Budget: Lessons Learned for Managing the Creative Process

If you ask a handful of artists to describe their creative process, you'll likely hear many different answers for how each one completes her work. One might dive quickly into experimenting with random ideas while another might need long stretches of alone time or distraction to finally land on that perfect moment of inspiration.

Written by Jessica Fink on October 6, 2014

Q&A: The Role of Curation in Digital Publishing

Journey Group recently launched a new version of its magazine Story Matters with an issue that explores how constraints affect the creative process. The magazine was produced in our new publishing platform WebEdition that was built with intentional constraints—packaging stories into curated, bound issues. Our strategy director Zack Bryant and developer Justin Schroeder share their thoughts about the new magazine format and the importance of curated content in digital publishing.

Written by Sam Voelkel on September 26, 2014

The Case for Brevity

I spent two years in a graduate program studying writing, which meant I spent even more time reading—everything from 500-page novels to cereal boxes to soft drink ad campaigns. I began to recognize when I started to skim and what kept me hooked. One of my goals as Journey's content director is to make sure readers—no matter what the topic or platform—stay hooked. And that's most often done well with far fewer words.

Written by Hope Voelkel on September 18, 2014